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4 Tricks to Fine Tune Your BULL$H!T Factor!

Apologies for the bad language, I do have a very full vocabulary however, when the word fits!

It is however, also known as ‘Critical Thinking’ where you systematically and logically process (assess) an idea, considering the bias or assumptions that may impact its validity (truth).

After studying at university for 5 years and an extensive 10 year retail and business background I would say I have a pretty great BULL$H!T radar. So please, allow me to provide some easy tricks to use to prevent wasted time, emotion and money on diets, trends, fads and uncomfortable situations (Pyramid Scheme party invite anyone??)

1. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Seriously, if your neighbour or friend at the pool or gym says they have this new product, diet or even business idea, that will fix everything and make you the happiest you will ever be….Smile and nod, then walk away and THINK….WHY & HOW? What makes it so good? How is it better than any other logical, similar product or diet? Typically, we all want a quick fix because, well its easier, but science and history has proven its not realistic.

2. Where is the information coming from?

Is the source credible and trustworthy? Meaning does the person, company, website of Facebook link look like it’s based on scientific fact and/or is the person qualified to provide this information? Look for the finer detail and accreditations.

For example, your Personal Trainer says, “Hey you should try not eating carbs, it’s probably why you can’t lose weight”.

  • Unless you know they have Accredited Nutrition training, they are not qualified to give nutrition information.

3. Is Money a Factor?

This may not be as obvious as direct money changing hands, it can be through spreading misinformation to drive more business. Using the personal trainer example again consider how the previous comment makes you feel….

  • “It’s probably why you can’t lose weight” makes you feel vulnerable and inadequate and in turn, that they know more than you and need them to lose weight. Encouraging you to stay as a client.

4. What does this information provide for YOU?

It is all well and good to hear or read something WAM BAM and fantastical but it’s useless if it’s not practical and suited to your lifestyle. Enter the Paleo Diet or a new type of workout, where it’s difficult to maintain over a period of time due to things like LIFE; family commitments, work schedules or financial constraints. THINK… Can I, or do I even want to use this information/product?

Simples? Not really, but I do hope this helps you save some money, time and energy on something you may have not questioned previously!


Lauren Rubin

Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Nutritionist

The Noosa Dietitian

0435 758 482

1/26 Rene St, Noosaville 4566

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