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DAFT DETOX'S & DIET'S … Why they are POINTLESS! Four Simple FACTS....

Food That NOURISHES from the inside out!


YOUR body has MULTIPLE detoxing systems. These 'MAGICAL' organs process and remove toxins such as alcohol, drugs and large amounts of processed fatty and sugary foods every single day!

---> LIVER = Filters and cleans your blood, REMOVING toxins (alcohol / drugs) and processing medications and nutrients from food, so they can be absorbed.

---> KIDNEY = Filters your blood, removing waste products from the breakdown of food. It also is responsible for fluid balance … so no need for pills/potions that claim to alkalinise your body…

---> LUNGS = Breathing supplies oxygen for your body to function but also EXPELS chemicals and balances your pH and water levels in your body.

---> INTESTINES (Colon) = Absorbs nutrients from food, expels waste/toxins, reabsorbs water and electrolytes when your body is dehydrated and contains bacteria, which when fed well, improve energy, mood and bowel movements… and prevent cancer.


There is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to support the function of DEXTOX's or Supplements (think..liver detox drinks or pills etc.), for weight loss long term.


There is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to support dieting for long term weight loss. You may lose a couple of Kg’s from the EXPENSIVE juice diet or Detox pill/tea you try, but as soon as you start eating again, your body will recoup its lost energy. Save your $$$$, don't put yourself in HANGRY TOWN, trust the FACTS!


Eating 3 meals a day which include a variety of whole foods like fruit, vegetables & wholegrain breads/pasta/rice/cereals, nuts/seeds and meat with the fat trimmed off will provide your 'MAGICAL DETOXING ORGANS' with the energy they need to work. It will also promote GREAT energy levels, good vibes, weight management and most importantly A HEALTHY BODY.

If you need motivation or guidance in maximising your energy levels & nutrition... Where positive, realistic & Evidenced - Based advice is provided in a NON - Diet approach, call 0435 758 482 or email for an appointment.

Happy Easter,

Lauren Rubin APD

The Noosa Dietitian

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