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How to GET MOTIVATED? Three Tried & Tested Tips

"Hi my name is Lauren Rubin, I’m an Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Nutritionist, I like long walks on the beach with my dog and morning swims. running or bike rides…”


If you knew me a while back, this was NOT the case, in fact it was quite the opposite! Somewhere in my mid-twenties when the frequent late night take-out & large amounts of soft-drink started to collect on my hips, bum & thighs … I found this thing called MOTIVATION!!!

Whether it be to fold your washing, wash up after dinner, eat healthy, exercise or go to work…. We all struggle from time to time so below are my well tested Three tips to GET MOTIVATED & STAY MOTIVATED!


This is the most IMPORTANT thing for me to stay motivated. If I don’t stick to my routine and I take a couple weeks off exercising, eating healthy or cooking meals at home I find it really hard to get back into it.

So, work out a routine that suits your lifestyle for said tasks you want to complete & Lock it in.

  • If its folding washing that needs doing, think through your typical day and find a time you can nearly ALWAYS do that activity, for example 6:30pm the Project comes on, go grab your washing basket & GET IT DONE!

  • For activities, a bit more “challenging” like exercise, have a good think about your habits & BE HONEST with yourself & pick a time and commit. For me, I know I struggle big time in the afternoons to lock in a workout, so first thing in the morning is when I schedule exercise. That way it’s done and dusted & I can focus on my other goals for the day.


This is kind of like a goal but I don’t want to say goal because that brings pressure and then guilt when and if you don’t achieve it. What I am suggesting is to focus on the GOOD FEELING you get from doing the task you want to complete. That satisfied, proud and happy smile feeling, that BENEFIT, you feel from cleaning the house or cooking and preparing meals for the week or going for a long walk. Store that positive happy vibe away every single time you complete a job you know you struggle with and then next time you even think of not doing it…. BOOM !! Pull that FEELINGS WIN out. It can even be a long term one, like when you were consistently eating health through the week for a whole month, then you tried that work skirt / pants on and it FIT ON A MONDAY!!! Use it to GET MOTIVATED & STAY MOTIVATED.


Use things you LIKE to MOTIVATE yourself. If you are going for a walk in the morning, download some new tunes the night before, or if you are feeling a bit flat, pick out your workout clothes the night before so you create some excitement. Find a beautiful spot with great scenery to go walking or riding. If you can afford it, buy yourself some new work clothes / exercise clothes / cookbooks or even a new iron if you need a FRESH kick start. It doesn’t have to cost money to be a reward either, it can be as simple as setting aside time with the kids after your ME time or reading a blog (like this one heheh) to reward and stimulate your mind in return for completing a job you didn’t feel like doing.

I hope that if you made the effort to read this whole page, you get some reward out of it. If I could create a motivation pill, I would obviously be a millionaire but also, I would just want to share it with everyone because I KNOW, when I stick to the above tips, IT WORKS. I feel better, mentally and physically.

Until next time,


Lauren Rubin APD

The Noosa Dietitian

0435 758 482

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